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Substance and behavioural addictions.

Did you know that if you become addicted to a substance, over time your body will develop a tolerance to the addictive ingredient? This means that eventually larger doses are needed to get the same effect.

There are many substances that you could be addicted to such as alcohol, amphetimines, cannabis, smoking or medicines. You may also find yourself addicted to a behaviour such as gambling, online gaming, sex or shopping.

Addictions can worsen over time and it can get to the point where your relationships, finances and health become unstable. If you find that you feel unsettled, unwell or moody when you are not able to use an addictive substance or partake an addictive activity, you are more than likely suffering from an addiction.

Trying to withdraw from an addiction on your own can be extremely difficult, so don't do it alone. We will provide the emotional support and practical tools you need to beat your addiciton sucessfully.

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