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Family Counselling

Repairing family conflict.

Has the dynamic in your family changed? Are the members of your family in conflict? Are you experiencing misunderstandings and changes in behaviour within your family? Are you going through a divorce or are you getting remamarried?

Family counselling can help you and your family with issues regarding parenting, how the family unit functions, separation or divorce, remarriage, financial problems, or living with someone with a mental or terminal illness.

Counselling can help teach you and your family members new skills and improve your communication and conflict resolution skills. It can help you and your family members better understand each other, or reach agreements on issues you are facing.

If you think your family could do with some help, our psychologists at changemakes can help. Counselling sessions can involve individual sessions for parents, or for the kids, or the whole family.

Start your journey to better mental health today! Contact us at the clinic on (03) 9848 5504 or

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