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Marriage Counselling

Repairing marriage problems.

Do you feel alone within your marriage? Do you and your partner argue over the same issues over and over again and never resolve them? Have you lost the passion in your marriage? Are you not communcating with your partner at all anymore?

When these type of problems occur within a marriage you may be inclined to give up, believing there is no hope for your marriage. While moving away from one another will reduce the anxiety you may be feeling within marriage, it does nothing to resolve issues or aid understanding.

If you have reached this place in your marriage, think of it as an opportunity to learn a new way of relating to your spouse, and bring new life to the relationship through compassionate new understanding.

At changmakers we offer a safe and unbiased environment to explore the issues that stop you from building the marriage you‘ve always dreamed of. Don‘t walk away! Speak to one of our experienced marriage counsellors.

Start your journey to better mental health today! Contact us at the clinic on (03) 9848 5504 or

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