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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Have you experienced or witnessed an event which threatened your life or safety? Are you constantly on edge or irritable? Are you having trouble with the day-to-day? Are you unable to respond emotionally to others? Do you use drugs or gamble to cope? Do you have thoughts of suicide?

While most will recover from a traumatic event with the support of our family and friends, a significant number of you will develop post traumatic mental health problems. These problems can be extremely debilitating, and affect your ability to lead a normal and fulfilling life.

At changemakers, our clinicians are trained trauma specialists. We understand the difficulties you are experiencing and use gentle trauma-focused psychological therapeutic to assist you to overcome the debilitating effects of PTSD.

Start your journey to better mental health today! Contact us at the clinic on (03) 9848 5504 or

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